ECG Viewer is software for visualizing, editing and managing ECG recorded in accordance with the European standard ENV 1064th

Free demo download of ECG Viewer
The program allows you:

  • Display of ECG files stored in the form of SCP
  • Read information about the ECG and the device itself recorded during the test
  • Reading and editing of patient information
  • Reading and editing of patient diagnostic data
  • Direct e-mail sending with attached diagnostic data
  • Printing ECG signal information concerning the examination and the patient to a PDF file and print the PDF file

The great advantage of the program is a database module that extends the functionality of the following options:

  • Patients archive
  • The creation of patient records
  • Attaching files to records
  • Database has the option to import and export of research and patient

At the request of the client application can be adapted to communicate with a specific electrocardiograph to allow direct downloading of the test device to your computer.

Offer outdated

Option 1: Single license – 100 euro
Option 2: Multi-computer license for a single institution – 250 euro.

To purchase, please use the contact form available on the

Graphical presentation:

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ECG Viwer requirements:

  • operating system Windows XP/Vista/7
  • disk space: 10 MB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • free version of Adobe Reader
  • Java 1.7


ECG Viewer 2.0 – Demo EN


In case of discovery in the M-BASE hidden errors or other defects that make proper operation of the program  impossible, contractors agree to repair them free of charge (including defective media information).

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