WP Facts Plugin

WP Facts Plugin

WP Facts shows a simple facts-photo whith short description on Your sidebar.
WP Facts shows a surprising facts-photo whith short description. WP Facts is an essential plugin for all site/blogs the subject of news and want to surprise readers.


1. All of the photograph link (nofallow) to the relevant fact pages , so anyone interested can learn more about the facts shown.
2. Photo is described by a two-line description under the photo.
3. All photographs are optimized for web (jpg, quality 90%)and have a title and alt attributes.
4. Plugin adds the contents with the best practices of SEO.
5. When the page refreshes widget show different (random) photo.

Demo :

You can see a demo on my website :


* Download it
* Extract all files from the zip archive
* Copy the wp-facts folder to wp-content/plugins
* Activate the plugin through the �Plugins� menu in wordpress
* Add WP Facts Widget to your sidebar
* That’s all !


1. WP Facts Plugin

WP Facts Plugin

WP Facts Plugin

2. WP Facts Plugin in use

WP Facts Plugin

WP Facts Plugin


= 1.0 =
* First release.




Contributors: jakubas
Tags: facts,interesting, unknown, surprising, info, info-graph  photo, foto, widget, sidebar, jakubas, widget, plugin,  plugins, simple,  wordpress,   page,dynamic,  random,
Requires at least: 2.3
Donate link:
Tested up to: 3.0.1