Data Analyzer is a computer program created for the University Children Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim. It is used for the processing of numerical data obtained from devices such as pulse oximeter, and respirators.

Description of options:

  • Reading of numerical data in the form of XLS files, CVS. You can manually correct the date range from which the data come from (in case of errors in the files).
  • Indication of incorrect data, incorrect data is disregarded in the calculation.
  • Completion of missing data in an automated manner or manually with the help of the wizard.
  • Merge multiple files with extensions of the measurements.
  • Calculation and display in the form of easily readable charts, fundamental parameters such as mean and the variance.
  • Making parameterized calculations, such as calculations carried out only for a specified range.
  • Flexible scope and duration calculations carried out.
  • Personalization the look of the program and data representation.
  • Saving the data in graphs and also in the form of summary reports.
  • Read the saved data and calculations.
  • Full compatibility with hospital’s computer system.

Made for:

  • University Children Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim


DataAnalyzer ScreenShot

Processing data from the pulse oximeter / respirator.

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